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Posted by Alec Loftus on Nov 28, 2017 6:41:14 PM


Digital Video Ad


Health Connector - Bungee Jumping from Archipelago Strategies Group on Vimeo.

Print Ad

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Spanish TV Ad

ASG Ayanna Pressley for Congress 30-sec Spanish TV
from Archipelago Strategies Group on Vimeo.


Institutional Video 

Olin College Robotics Lab from Archipelago Strategies Group on Vimeo.


Website Design & Development

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Other ASG Websites:

 Brand Development


  Cruz Companies 



Massachusetts Parents United

 Community Engagement Work


 The Future of Our Schools - Boston Public Schools

  • Hosted 10 town hall meetings with the superintendent and other BPS leaders with a total of 900 attendees.
  • Produced first-ever bilingual televised town hall, which was simulcast on five Boston TV channels and included digital and phone-based Q&A. 
  • Established 44 media partnership and 73 partnerships with community organizations.
  • ASG’s work allowed BPS to achieve its highest levels of engagement from multicultural communities and families to date.  

Campaign Results Tracking Report


Analysis: Multicultural Outreach & Education Campaign, Open Enrollment 2016-2017

Massachusetts Health Connector



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